Local Information

Loupiac is situated in the Lot on the border of the Dordogne, in one of the most historicaly interesting areas of France. The banks of the river Dordogne have been inhabited since pre-history and the area has played centre stage to many of the rivalries of the middle ages. 50 km to the north you find Brive 50 km to the south you find Cahors. Loupiac is a small village with a dozen of houses. The nearest village is Payrac (3km) where you can find a bakery, a pharmacy, a little supermarket with an exellent butcher, and some restaurants.


Recognised as the entrance to the Dordogne , it still maintains an historic atmosphere with its crumbling abbey and narrow streets in the old town. As the hub for the Lot and the Dordogne there is always plenty going on.

Market: Friday mornings in Place St Martin and Place Doussot


This cliff-face town has been on the pilgrimage map for centuries, and at one time rivalled Lourdes itself. The architecture and sheer scale is magnificent.


A town steeped in history, going back to pre-Roman times, with many buildings of interest including the medieval fortified bridge spanning the Lot river.

Market: Wednesday and Saturday mornings in Boulevard Gambetta

Gouffre de Padirac

A remarkable natural phenomenom. A short boat ride on an underground river, followed by a narrow passage and an ascent of man-made steps leads you to a vast cathedral-like cavern, the dome of which is over 90m high.

Grotte de Pech-Merle

3km W of the village of Caberets lie these remarkable prehistoric caves. Over 3km of linked galleries contain weirdly shaped limestone formations and prehistoric paintings, drawings and paintings of bison, mammoths, horses and outlined hands.

Saint Céré

Sleepy town overlooked by feudal castle ruins and surrounded by stunning woodland.

Market: Saturday mornings.
Craft fair on 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month throughout the summer

Puy l’Eveque

Very pretty Lot village built on hill – famous for its wines. Old houses in golden stone rise in tiers to the church, once part of the town’s defences.


Beautiful medieval town with narrow streets, lively café squares and landscaped gardens. Probably the best known town in the region.

Markets: Saturday all day throughout the centre of the town and Wednesday morning.